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Root Canal Post Treatment Care: What You Need to Know

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Root Canal Recovery Tips

If you’ve recently undergone a root canal procedure, you might be worried about how to take care of your tooth so that it can heal properly. From being careful about what you eat and drink to resting and letting your mouth restore to health, there are a few things to consider after your endodontic treatment. 

We have gathered some tips to ensure you have a successful recovery. Read on to learn more!

Recovery Timeline

After a root canal procedure, it’s normal to feel tooth sensitivity, soreness, and pain. But don’t worry—these symptoms typically subside after two or three days. If you experience severe discomfort after one week (or longer), contact your dentist immediately; it could be an infection. Although most people recover from a root canal quickly, there may be some short-term side effects associated with post-treatment care that include temporary gum swelling, bleeding, and inflammation, but don’t fret; these will eventually go away on their own. 

Home Remedies That Work

There are a variety of home remedies out there that can help ease post-root canal pain. Here are some simple tips that you can use (besides eating ice cream)!

  • Gargle with salt water to ease inflammation and soothe your gums.
  • Elevate your pillow when sleeping to prevent or reduce bleeding. 
  • Use warm teabags as a compress to relieve pain.
  • Stick to a liquid or soft food diet to avoid chewing. 

Follow Up with Your Dentist

Typically, after your root canal has been completed, your dentist will give you specific instructions on how to take care of yourself while recovering. The main goal is to prevent infection or keep any existing infection from spreading into surrounding tissues in order to avoid further complications. However, if you continue to experience pain a week after a root canal procedure, contact your dentist immediately and follow their instructions for care.

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