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The Benefits Of Music On Your Stress Levels

The Benefits of Music on Your Stress Levels

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3 Ways Music Impacts Your Stress Levels

As you have dealt with a toothache for a few weeks, you reluctantly pick up your phone and dial the number of your dentist. While driving to the office, you put on your favorite song playlist to relieve stress and anxiety. 

From a dentist with a rock’n’roll-themed office, we are thrilled to share the incredible benefits music can have on your stress levels.

1. Increases Dopamine

Individuals use music as a therapeutic tool because it stimulates the production of dopamine, the happy hormone. Listening to music, playing an instrument, or singing along are all great ways to calm yourself down. According to Aalbers et al. (2017), “Music therapy also shows efficacy in decreasing anxiety levels.” If you ever feel stressed, play your favorite song and have a dance party. Before you know it, you will forget your problems and immerse yourself in the upbeat melody.

2. Improves Physical Health and Well-Being

We recommend creating a playlist that will cheer you up during difficult times. Listening to songs has been associated with improving one’s health. For example, you can put on your headphones and go on a jog to get your exercise in for the day to make time go by quicker. Music can also lower your heart rate as it calms you. When you’re stressed, your heart rate increases which causes it to work harder, eventually leading to health problems.

3. Builds a Connection

Sharing the same musical taste with someone else is a terrific way to bond. You won’t feel alone in stressful times because you will have a friend that understands you. Since you know that you have support, you will feel more relaxed and gain confidence to tackle any situation. Sometimes, having a car jam session with your friends is just the perfect cure you need to feel better.

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