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Why You Shouldn’t Avoid a Root Canal

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The Consequences of Avoiding a Root Canal 

Have you been postponing your visit to the dentist in fear of having to undergo painful treatments? Root canals are often the subject of angst and dread; however, these concerns can be alleviated with enough information and detailed procedure plans. The first step to feeling confident about a root canal is choosing an experienced endodontist that will change your perception and make you feel at ease with this routine procedure. 

4 Reasons Not To Avoid A Root Canal Procedure

Root canal therapy aims to relieve pain caused by infected or damaged dental pulp, the soft area within the center of a tooth. The procedure consists of removing the dental pulp and consequently cleaning and filling the inside of the tooth. Nowadays, thanks to technological and medical advances, root canals are no more painful than a cavity filling procedure. Read on to learn more about why you should never avoid a root canal. 

1. Relieve Pain 

The pain associated with dental pulp decay is far more uncomfortable than the root canal itself. Once you recover from the procedure, the tooth pain you were experiencing will be gone for good! 

2. Prevent Health Complications 

Infections have the potential to start spreading throughout your mouth if not addressed promptly. Oral bacteria could travel to your gums and further, causing painful health complications. 

3. Effectiveness 

Root canals are straightforward procedures; the materials used nowadays were designed with patient comfort in mind and the anesthesia makes the process comfortable and free of stress. The high success rate of root canals makes it unlikely to encounter future problems in the treated tooth.  

4. Save Your Teeth

Root canal therapy was designed to avoid losing a natural tooth and having to replace it with a bridge or an implant. Once the procedure is completed, the damaged tooth’s health and function will have been restored and the pain will be gone.

The Endodontic Care Experts Your Were Looking For 

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